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‘Big Fan’ with Patton Oswalt looks prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay good.

July 13, 2009

I tried explaining this trailer and who was in it to my roommate but all that came out was “uh, yeah he’s the guy on King of Queens, no, no, maybe it’s still standing. Eh, fuck it, I won’t be able to figure this one out on the account of all that Meth I’ve been using lately.”

Then I came home and checked out and what else do I see but Patton Oswalt’s fat mug in the middle of a embedded youtube video. Ah, technology.

From Withleather via the Sundance Film Festival website:

Paul Aufiero, a 35-year-old parking-garage attendant from working-class Staten Island, is the self-described “world’s biggest New York Giants fan.” One night Paul and his best friend, Sal, spot star Giants linebacker Quantrell Bishop at a gas station in Staten Island. They impulsively follow his SUV into Manhattan to a strip club, where they finally muster up the courage to talk to their hero.

What starts out as a dream come true turns into a nightmare as a misunderstanding ignites a violent confrontation, and Paul is sent down a path that will test his devotion to the extreme.

Sounds and looks pretty damn good, I just hope it comes to a wide release.

Also, I just love that the rest of the NFC East can come together with their hate of Dallas. You can find a lot of these keeping the fat red backs on fans of the Giants, Iggles and Redskins (and self-loathing Cowboys fans) nice and cool.