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DC Sports hit a crossroad.

January 8, 2010

2008 was the year of change on the Hill.

2010 is the year of change for DC sports.

DC sports have it a crossroad. In the past decade, teams in the District, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) have won only won title and that was Gary Williams and the Terrapins in 2002. Other than that, DC sports have been nothing short of futile.

Growing up in the DMV, I understand the frustration that arises from being a DC area sports fan. First there was optimism when Snyder bought the team and started trying to completely rebuild the franchise. Then Michael Jordan came and everyone was in awe of arguably the greatest player to ever grace Dr. Naismith’s court. Leonisis’ front office drafted what was supposed to be the greatest player since Gretsky. Oh, and DC United won a championship (which apparently no one cares about) and drafted the 16 year-old phenom named Freddy Adu.

Now, things are different. Mike Shanahan was introduced as head coach of the Redskins, weeks after salary cap genius Bruce Allen was brought in. Alex Ovechkin was granted the captains badge on his sweater for a team that has shown brilliance in the past few years. Abe Pollin is gone and while the Wizards looks promising, Gilbert Arenas has taken all the headlines with his upcoming gun possession charges. Oh, and if you care, Curt Onalfo was named head coach of DC United. But again, I’m guessing you don’t care.

So where do we go from here? No doubt Shanahan is expected to win a Super Bowl and bring back the glory to the Redskins. Will it happen? Possibly.

The Capitals are looking like a team that is poised to make a deep playoff run. Will it happen? Possibly.

Abe Pollin is gone, god bless his soul, and the Wizards are in more turmoil than ever. Flip Saunders was brought to town to stablize everything, yet things have fallen apart as they are near the cellar of the Eastern conference and Arenas has threatened the franchise with extreme possibilities of failure for the next decade.

Where do we go from here?

Up. Hopefully.

But will it happen?

Will Snyder be able to take a step back and understand he doe not have to be as hands on?

Will Bruce Boudreau finally have a team worthy of Lord Stanley’s cup?

Will Leonsis be able to reorganize the Wizards after a fiasco as enormous as the Arenas situation?

All of these are interesting story-lines for a city desperate for a championship?

Will they be asnwered? Who knows.

Will Washington fans be happy if they are?

Probably not, but it will be a huge turnaround i any of these franchises find their way out of the professional sports cellar.

Oh, did I not mention the Nationals. Yeah, probably for the best.


5-Year Anniversary of the Malice in the Palace.

November 19, 2009

It has been five years since Ron Artest went Eric Cantona on Detroit fans in what has been dubbed Malice in the Palace. It was a foul by Artest on Ben Wallace who gave him a nice little shove. A mini-brawl ensued before a fan threw a beer cup at Artest and the whole place went crazy. Stephen Jackson and a number of other players jumped in as well, although Jackson seemed to be the only player to hit another fan while in the stands. Oh yeah, and Jermaine O’Neal hit some guy that ran onto the court, but he probably deserved it.

It’s one of those games that will live in sports infamy forever in which sports historians will always tell the story to teach the lesson of avoiding the fans. I could see how it would not have been as big of a deal in the times before the 1980’s or so when sports weren’t as big money makers as they are now. It seemed like something of this magnitude would never happen again, especially with the amount of security and police they now have at sporting events.

Well it did happen, and we will not soon forget it. We also won’t forget that Artest is now a key component to a championship team in LA. Thanks a lot, ESPN.

Deshawn Stevenson thinks he’s important, hated, still can’t feel his face.

October 23, 2009


Wizards guard Deshawn Stevenson is an idiot. He’s been an idiot since he started not being able to feel his face and is now under the impression that he is the most hated player in the NBA.

“I think I’m the most hated player in the league,” he said. “In fact, I know I am.”

C’mon Deshawn. You and I both know that no one cares about you and you’ve only been thrust into the “spotlight” on the 18-win Wizards because Gilbert Arenas has been out for two years.

Cue not being able to feel your face, Mr. Stevenson.

Charles Barkley enjoys Patron.

September 14, 2009

Big ups to Colin C for finding this great clip of Sir Charles enjoying a peaceful evening at the club, chugging Patron like it’s nobody’s business. Just by the date on the clip, we know this isn’t that infamous night when Barkley was arrested on suspicion of DUI, driving as fast as he could to get his D wet.

But it’s still a good clip of what these athletes can do off the court. They’re just like us except they can do everything at least 10 times better, including chugging ridiculous amounts of Blackoutforninedaysandregreteverydecision juice.

So you think you can rap: Delonte West edition.

August 4, 2009

Shaq is headed to Cleveland to help The King win a championship.

June 25, 2009


The Cavs have made their blockbuster trade for the year with the Phoenix Suns, landing the big Shaq Diesel for Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic and a second-round draft pick in the 2010 draft. A lot of specualtion has surrounded the Cleveland franchise on who they would be brining in to help Lebron James get to the land of champions, with many thinking it was possible that Yao Ming would help The King find his way.

So what does this do for the Cavs? Shaq is one of the better personalities in the game right now, but he also brings leadership and the knowledge of what it takes to get to the promised land. Shaq is also a big boost to the offense where Ben Wallace was never able to find his groove as he did in Detroit. O’neals 18 points per game will obviously help the team, but the ultimate question can only be answered when the Diesel actually plays some games in a Cavs uniform.

He was able to get the job done with Dwayne Wade in Miami, albeit a few years younger, but he is still an incredibly skilled, physical player in the post.

In my opinion, this trade will certainly get LeBron to the NBA Finals, but the question of winning it all is still undetermined.

The draft is tonight so we will see who else the Cavs will add. My money is on DeMarre Carroll from Mizzou (a little biased, yes) because of his hustle and tough play as a sixth man.

Celtics fans are ripe with stupidity.

June 15, 2009

Celtics fans obviously have a false sense of entitlement this year. Yeah, they won LAST year, but were plagued injuries that saw them bowing out in the second round. Now that the Lakers won the championship, fans of the leprechauns think they are in fact on top of the world. Oh yeah, and they use Comic Sans in their youtube videos. WEEEEAAAKKK.


Wow, just wow Boston. Get your shit together.

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This is why the Magic lost. Dumb blonde girls.

June 15, 2009

Pay attention to the girl on the left.
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Dwight Howard lost game 4, the series.

June 12, 2009


Derek Fisher was able to even up the game with an amazing three-pointer last night against the Magic in regulation. In overtime, he was able to do the same thing. Classic Fisher. It’s something you’d expect from this aging, but still clutch star.

But if it weren’t for another player, young and relatively inexperienced, Fisher wouldn’t have had that chance.

Superman Dwight Howard was Clark Kent last night from the charity stripe, missing 8 of 14 free throws, including two in the final 12 seconds that would have seeled the Magic’s second ever Finals win.

Plain and simple: Dwight Howard lost game 4.

Howard almost pulled off an incredibly odd quadruple double (16 points, 21 rebounds, 9 blocks, and 7 turnovers). It wasn’t enough to lead the Magic to victory, although he was very close.

The Magic werent able to shoot above 60% from the field. They couldn’t even shoot 60% from the free throw line as a team. They shot a pedestrian 33% from three-point land, an area of the game they usually dominate.

But in truth, this game went to overtime when it shouldn’t have based on shooting statistics. The Magic hauled in rebounds, converting them for fast-break points on the defensive side, and points in the paint on the offensive end. Turkoglu scored a team-high 25 points but wasn’t called on to take the final shot of regulation. Nelson found ways to hit Howard down low and look for the perimeter shooter (until late in the game). There were positives to be found for the Magic.

They didn’t shoot as well as usual, and that’s what killed them down the stretch.

That and Howard missing those final free throws.

DeMarre Carroll prospect video.

May 29, 2009

The Mizzou forward has been told he’s a virtual lock for the second round in the upcoming NBA draft. I don’t know how effective he would be in the league, but I do think there’s a chance he could be a workhorse on a good team. If he ends up going late in the first round, he could be competing for a championship early in his career.