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Matt Ziesel runs for a “touchdown.”

September 18, 2009

Matt Ziesel is a running back on Benton High School’s football team that was able to run 68 glorious yards to the endzone. Now the feel good part: he’s got Downs Syndrome. Ziesel’s coach asked the opposing teams coach to let him run for the touchdown to make the score 46-6.

Am I the only person not cool with this? Just letting him run into the end zone? Back in my day, I never got a touchdown for my defeated West Potomac Wolverines. I did EARN the only first down of my career with excellent play that stemmed from hard work in practice.

When that gigantic defensive end came barreling down on me as I punted the ball, knocking me to the ground and EARNING that 15-yard roughing the kicker penalty… well, I did that for the team. And I earned it.



Can someone hook me up with Lindsay Czarniak?

May 8, 2009


Say hello to Linsday Czarniak, sports anchor for NBC Washington and one beautiful lady. If anyone has information as to how I can get a date, email me at Seriously, Lindsay is beautiful. Have fun with this gallery.

Carl Edwards got f*@%#&d up!

April 27, 2009

I’m assuming all my readers are exactly like me and watch any type of Nascar coverage they show on TV and can’t wait for Sundays to watch the actual races. Actually, I should assume all my readers can decipher sarcasm in my posts. Anyways, Nascar rolled into Talladega this past week and it all culminated with a crazy crash on the last lap of the race as Carl Edwards car got absolutely DESTROYED after getting a bump from the eventual winner Brad Keselowski (who’s name I can spell because of the luxury of copy+paste). Keselowski was not at fault for the wreck because Edwards had gone below the one of the white lines (sorry, I don’t know Nascar rules), and actually pointed that out at least five times in the post-race interview. I just wish something like this could happen every week, because I would definitely start watching Nascar consistently.

Talladega is known for it’s crashes and Edwards slam into the fence wasn’t the only big crash of the day. Check this out:

I should get paid for this.

April 19, 2009

Gillette needs to send me an ad placement check or at least a new razor.

This is how we do it (not Howie Do It, that show sucks).

April 5, 2009

This is going to be an extra long post just to introduce the blog. This type of content is what The Nine Commandments is going to be about as well as spotlight athletes who abide buy, but also break The Nine Commandments, which you can see here. Original posts, current links, and basically a bunch of random sports items I find on the Interweb are what you’ll be seeing in the coming months and however long this site stays up.

The above video is SlamBall, which is coming back this summer on Cartoon Network of all places. If you don’t know what SlamBall, read up here. SlamBall is rumored to be coming to CN this summer according to youtube commenters (the most reliable people in the world), but we’ll withhold out review until it airs.

kpowersjrockerawardThe Kenny Powers John Rocker Memorial Award – To put our amazing skills in Photoshop to work for you, we’ve created this award to highlight only the best athletes in sports who believe in diversity hate everyone that doesn’t look like them. These select few show their skills in verbally, emotionally and physically abusing others and new members will be honored from time to time.

So thats why those kids are so fast – Some Florida high school football players go out to the fields and chase rabbits to work on their agility. These are the kids getting the DI sports scholarships, NOT YOU!

NFL Draft coverage – Guaranteed first day draft coverage on April 25th to make fun of your teams picks while the Redskins trade all theirs away for John Elway.

|DC Sports Bog|

Do what you do best – Seriously man? Seriosuly?

White College Player Does Hair Before Game The Onion has a fantastic and reliable sports section (at least more than Chris Mortenson.

The best highlight reel for sports on the web – Ovechkin is the best player in the world and you should know it.

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