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February 25, 2010

Hmph. I can’t believe the ridiculousness of kids these days. Always running around, chasing baseballs in the neighborhood, running onto MY LAWN. Why I oughta!

The following comes from the Columbia Tribune’s Trib Talk, where people call in to leave complaints and comments about life in Mid-Mo. Enjoy.

“I continue to be embarrassed by the behavior of students at these basketball games. That constant noise while someone is trying to make a free throw wouldn’t be tolerated at a Little League game. I fail to see why it should be part of the environment at what is purported to be an institute of higher learning.”

WHY I NEVER! How could they be so gosh darn disrespectful? You want to know what I do to knock these darn kids down a peg or two? I shake my fist at them when I see them. They should show some gosh darned respect for people. Gee-gosh-golly I think I’m having a stroke.


Shame on you: womens NCAA soccer goes crazy.

November 6, 2009

Soccer is a rough sport with a lot of contact and rough play no matter what non-soccer fans tell you. As a former goalie, I can admit to some rough play and some things I would only do if the ref wasn’t looking. If those guys had seen what I did, I would have been banned for a while.

New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert clearly doesn’t care if the ref or AR see what she’s doing. The video above gets progressively worse and worse as Lambert just gets downright dirty taking down her opponents, even if it means yanking them down by the pony tail.

There is rough play and there is endangering the opponent and this falls clearly on the latter end of that spectrum. The fact that the ref and AR let the game get to this point is ridiculous and if I were the New Mexico coach, I’d think about kicking Lambert off the team immediately.

I’ve gotten progressively angrier as I wrote this post because Lambert disrespected her opponents, her own team, the fans and the integrity of the game. Shame on you.

[via FanIQ]