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The Wizards sure do suck.

April 11, 2009
The bubble popped a long time ago Gil.

The bubble popped a long time ago Gil.

If you’ve been following the Washington Wizards this year (you haven’t), you would know GIlbert Arenas sat out most of the season, Eddie Jordan was fired early in the season, and the team is absolutely turrrrrrible. Last night the losing continued in a game they were never really interested in, losing 96-86 to the LeBrons. Check out what Andre Blatch and Nick Young of the Wizards said to Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

If you want to understand why the Wizards are 18-61 this season, all you had to do was see both Young and Blatche knock in shots for the Cavaliers while fighting for rebounds. I couldn’t help but shake my head when I heard their reactions to the plays.

“I wish I could’ve got the points for it,” Blatche said.

“I know. Me, too,” Young said.

And people really wonder why the Wizards suck so much. I wouldn’t be to surpised if the Wizards cut their losses and get rid of Jamison, Butler, or Agent Zero’s contract.