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DC Sports hit a crossroad.

January 8, 2010

2008 was the year of change on the Hill.

2010 is the year of change for DC sports.

DC sports have it a crossroad. In the past decade, teams in the District, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) have won only won title and that was Gary Williams and the Terrapins in 2002. Other than that, DC sports have been nothing short of futile.

Growing up in the DMV, I understand the frustration that arises from being a DC area sports fan. First there was optimism when Snyder bought the team and started trying to completely rebuild the franchise. Then Michael Jordan came and everyone was in awe of arguably the greatest player to ever grace Dr. Naismith’s court. Leonisis’ front office drafted what was supposed to be the greatest player since Gretsky. Oh, and DC United won a championship (which apparently no one cares about) and drafted the 16 year-old phenom named Freddy Adu.

Now, things are different. Mike Shanahan was introduced as head coach of the Redskins, weeks after salary cap genius Bruce Allen was brought in. Alex Ovechkin was granted the captains badge on his sweater for a team that has shown brilliance in the past few years. Abe Pollin is gone and while the Wizards looks promising, Gilbert Arenas has taken all the headlines with his upcoming gun possession charges. Oh, and if you care, Curt Onalfo was named head coach of DC United. But again, I’m guessing you don’t care.

So where do we go from here? No doubt Shanahan is expected to win a Super Bowl and bring back the glory to the Redskins. Will it happen? Possibly.

The Capitals are looking like a team that is poised to make a deep playoff run. Will it happen? Possibly.

Abe Pollin is gone, god bless his soul, and the Wizards are in more turmoil than ever. Flip Saunders was brought to town to stablize everything, yet things have fallen apart as they are near the cellar of the Eastern conference and Arenas has threatened the franchise with extreme possibilities of failure for the next decade.

Where do we go from here?

Up. Hopefully.

But will it happen?

Will Snyder be able to take a step back and understand he doe not have to be as hands on?

Will Bruce Boudreau finally have a team worthy of Lord Stanley’s cup?

Will Leonsis be able to reorganize the Wizards after a fiasco as enormous as the Arenas situation?

All of these are interesting story-lines for a city desperate for a championship?

Will they be asnwered? Who knows.

Will Washington fans be happy if they are?

Probably not, but it will be a huge turnaround i any of these franchises find their way out of the professional sports cellar.

Oh, did I not mention the Nationals. Yeah, probably for the best.


The Shanahan experiment: how will this one be different.

January 6, 2010
Shanahan will make Snyder give up the blanket. "No more GM for you"

I know you’ve heard about it. Yeah, Danny Snyder hired Mike Shanahan to restore the Redskins franchise to glory. As you may or may not know, I am a Skins fan that has suffered through the ineptitude that is Snyder’s ownership and pray for the day that maybe we can win nine games. Yes, as of right now, I feel that winning nine games could be seen as successful.

Shanahan has signed and will be announced as the head coach during a press conference in Ashburn at 2 pm today.

I’m exhausted. The only thing I can hear are the final murmurs of the short-lived Zorn era and the screams of other Redskins fans and the media about becoming the Super Bowl champs. The only champions Snyder has been able to produce are those of the offseason.

So where does the organization go from here? Shanahan has been known as a control freak, a personality that seems like it would clash with that of Snyder, but just as he did during Joe Gibbs second stint in DC, Snyder will most likely be taking a more hands-off approach. This is the first step in the supposed “return to glory” and it’s a big one. Shanahan also becomes executive vice president of football operations, the position formerly held by Vinny Cerrato.

In terms of personnel, Shanahan has a good opportunity to build the type of team he wants because of Snyder’s will to win games. Snyder should cede nearly all personnel decisions to Shanahan and new GM Bruce Allen is more of a salary cap guy so that should not be a problem.

Since the Redskins have often been known as the offseason champs by simply reloading every season, how will Shanahan reorganize the team? There are changes that need to be made and I do believe they will be swift. I expect the defense to stay largely intact (except for a change or two in the secondary), but in terms of the offense, nothing is a sure thing. Here are some of the major problems and the things I expect Shanahan to do:
1.Jason Campbell He has been on the hot seat since he was promoted to starter in 2006. Most people think he will be gone, I do not. Shanahan will recognize the major problems on the offensive line and at the wide receiver position and understand that Campbell really isn’t that bad of a quarterback. He’s not great, merely average statistically ranking between 13 and 16 in most major offensive categories. Drafting Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen would be far too risky.
2. Offensive Line This is what killed the team all year. Weak players protecting the quarterback was the major problem with the offense. There is NO WAY you can argue with me on that being the biggest problem in terms of personnel. Campbell was never given time and no running back could get through the gaps because the gaps didn’t even exist.

What I expect Shanahan to do: draft Russell Okung out of Oklahoma State. He was the best offensive lineman in the country this past season and I expect him to carry over his talent to the league. Why do you think Shanahan had so many running backs coming out of nowhere and rushing for well over 1,000 yards? He knew how to assemble a solid offensive line.

3. Chris Cooley or Fred Davis Chris Cooley is one of my favorite players in the league and it killed me to see him go down early in the season. He’s a pro-bowler that missed his first games of his career this season. But when he went down, we got a chance to see Fred Davis step up and he definitely impressed a lot of people. There’s no reason to keep two tight ends and switching them in and out would be too much of a hassle for the offense. Veteran Todd Yoder has also shown his worth at tight end and fullback in a backup role so honestly, I could see Cooley or Davis hitting the road this offseason. I’d say it’s more likely Davis draws the short straw and hopefully gets traded for a draft pick. That’s in an ideal world and considering Snyder’s history, I don’t know if it will happen.

4. Wide reciever I don’t know what it is with this franchise’s obsession with short receivers, but our number one and number two receivers can’t stand below six feet. I really don’t want to sound like an idiot, but Brandon Marshall (Shanny drafted) isn’t too happy out in Denver and maybe the team could push through another blockbuster with the Mile High franchise to nap him. Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas have shown flashes of brilliance but I don’t know how that holds up next season.

As for how the team will fare next year, I don’t know. I’m not going to go through the schedule and start marking off wins and losses because that would be ridiculous (although I’m sure many people have done it already). I want to see the changes to the organization and how Snyder will change. I’m excited to see the interaction between Shanahan and Allen because their job duties do not overlap. Shanahan is the control guy while Allen is the salary cap guy.

First thing I do Saturday, November 21st: Go to Duffys Irish Pub

November 6, 2009

via DC Sports Bog

When I go home for Thanksgiving break, I’ll be able to take my first legal drink in DC. My first stop: Duffy’s Irish Pub. So come on down and join me on Vermont Ave.

Oh yeah, I’m doing it because Duffy’s is taking a stand against Dan Snyder. Good for them and welcome to the Burgundy Revolution.

The Burgundy Revolution will not be televised. It will be on Twitter.

October 21, 2009


The Burgundy Revolution is nearing a fever pitch as the Redskins dropped their fourth game of the year to the Chiefs on Sunday. Fans are going ape-shit over their beloved team and rightfully so. Much of the hate parade has been centered around moneybags Danny Snyder and his evil sidekick Vinny Cerrato.

A number of people have taken up their leadership roles in the Burgundy Revolution, planning out their next steps in pubs and parking lots across the Washington area, including an expanding role on Twitter.

@BoycottSnyder is one of the minds behind Black Sunday, the day in which a group of Redskins fans collaborated to urge fans to wear black against the Chiefs. The turnout was not as large as expected but was still noticeable in the FedEx field confines. He was instrumental in getting Dan Steinberg @dcsportsbog to cover the “festivities.” Be sure to check his new site

For more on the Burgundy Revolution, follow the hashtag #blackmonday1026 to keep up with the darkness this franchise is turning into next Monday against the Eagles. @LetsBuyTheSkins, @SaveTheSkins, @RegionalCeleb are all great resources for the movement and are a must if you decide to become a revolutionary.

Some of the funnier people taking part in the Burgundy Revolution are those taking a satirical stance on the whole subject. @FakeDanSnyder is the most active in this group, acting in pretty much the same way I would think the real Danny would. @FakeJimZorn, @FakeVCerrato and @extraeyes (Sherm Lewis) round out the rest of the satirical bunch with lots of hilarious interactions between each other. And don’t forget our dearly departed owner @FakeJKC (Jack Kent Cook).

Hogs Haven also need your help during these revolutionary times and implore you to take part by following the steps they’ve listed in this post. Always a great resource for good Skins coverage and analysis.


Shanahan turned down Snyder for HC job.

October 20, 2009


I don’t like the funny business that comes with sources spilling the beans on what is going on in a sports organization. Chris Mortensen is the primary reason considering all of the stories he’s “broken wide open” that turn out to be a crock of completely unsubstantiated claims, but something does tell me this source may be correct.

Fanhouse is currently reporting that Mike Shanahan was offered the job to coach the Washington Redskins, but turned down owner Daniel Snyders offer, citing that there was “little he could do in the middle of the season for them and that changing coaches during the season in the NFL rarely works.” The source does not say an off season hiring of Shanahan is out of the question.

Snyder has loved to make changes at the head coaching position during his regimes time in Washington with five different head coaches (six counting interim coaches). Shanahan will undoubtedly be pursued in the off season and ME THINKS he will be hired.

The source goes on to talk about Jim Zorn saying:

“We are trying to give Jim every chance to turn it around. The move to [bring in offensive consultant Sherm] Lewis is to take more off Jim’s plate, especially the play-calling, because it is not working, and that is where Jim is spending much of his time. Now he can coach the entire team. Let’s see where that gets us.”

It’s really become pathetic that Zorn has even decided to stick around in Washington considering his castration of the play calling duties. The organization knows the end is near, but do not want to sever ties immediately, which I found extremely pathetic.

Hey the Redskins actually won something.

May 19, 2009


Last Friday a federal court sided with the Washington Redskins, saying the native american moniker was not racist. Well, technically. The case was more about a group of native americans challenging the Redskins copyrights to the name, but the final decision is incredibly vague and doesn’t really offer the courts full opinion on whether the name is indeed racist. This article actually will deal with the whether the name needs to be changed.

This post is a little late and I apologize for that, but for once it took a lot of thought and reading to decide where I stand on this issue. After four days of trying to form a complete opinion, I’m still torn.

For a long time I thought people were simply being too politically correct about the whole thing, but I’m a middle-class white guy that’s never really had to deal with any type of racism directed toward me. It seemed dumb to me that people would really get angry about the name of a sports franchise unless it was something blatantly offensive.

When the University of Illinois decided to get rid of Chief Illiniwek, the schools’ mascot, after intense pressure from student groups and native american organizations, I thought it was asinine. After putting my whiteness aside, I realized there are groups of people that were offended and thought it was important to be proactive in protesting the possibly racist name.

As a lifelong fan of the Redskins I’ve always thought it was far too politically correct to change the name to something like the Washington Bureaucrats or the Landover Not-actually-in-Washingtons. I had already seen the town butcher the Bullets name (although it was probably a better idea considering the murder rate) by changing it to the Wizards, but the case of the Redskins is different. The term does offend people and is racist to a group of people whose ancestors were screwed over by a bunch of white guys who wanted their land.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, citing how GD stupid I am, but you do have to put your whiteness aside and realize who’s actually effected by this. There are some things that really are too PC to care about, but Dan Snyder is making a ridiculous amount of money using a moniker that offends people. A name change would indeed tarnish some of the Redskins tradition, but in the end, it really is only a name.