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February 25, 2010

Hmph. I can’t believe the ridiculousness of kids these days. Always running around, chasing baseballs in the neighborhood, running onto MY LAWN. Why I oughta!

The following comes from the Columbia Tribune’s Trib Talk, where people call in to leave complaints and comments about life in Mid-Mo. Enjoy.

“I continue to be embarrassed by the behavior of students at these basketball games. That constant noise while someone is trying to make a free throw wouldn’t be tolerated at a Little League game. I fail to see why it should be part of the environment at what is purported to be an institute of higher learning.”

WHY I NEVER! How could they be so gosh darn disrespectful? You want to know what I do to knock these darn kids down a peg or two? I shake my fist at them when I see them. They should show some gosh darned respect for people. Gee-gosh-golly I think I’m having a stroke.