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Urban Meyer steps down at Florida. [Update: Taking a leave of absence.]

December 26, 2009

Five years and two National Championships for Urban Meyer in Gainesville and he has stepped down from one of the strongest programs in college football due to reported health concerns.

The health concerns are not immediate, but Meyer did acknowledge his health has been neglected during his tenure at Florida. Meyer was admitted to a hospital for dehydration after the SEC Championship game, one in which the Gators lost to Alabama, and he has apparently been weighing his decisions since that incident.

Meyer was cited as a possible replacement for Charlie Weis at Notre Dame earlier this month, but said he would stay at Florida as long as they would have him. It now seems Florida will need to work on finding their own replacement for Meyer.

Meyer will coach the Gators in the Sugar Bowl vs Cincinnati on New Years Day.

We here at The Nine Commandments wish Meyer the best in the future as he battles whatever ails him.

[Update 12/28/09: Meyer has decided simply to take a leave of absence. Offensive coordinator Steve Addazio will be taking over the head coaching next season.]


New Nike Combat Unis leaked: Final Word.

November 11, 2009


Nike is rolling out a new line of uniforms for 10 schools in college football. The jerseys are 25% lighter than the current ones and Nike claims that not only do they not hold moisture, but they are actually lighter when wet than the current model when dry. They also have a built-in flack jacket which is cool and provides some extra padding (I guess).

I’m a sucker for unis, love to read Uni-Watch and am one of the only people that actually like Oregon’s jerseys year in and year out. Just the sheer number of combination to choose from (2,456!) gets me all hyped up. That’s why I’m so into this kind of new release of jerseys.

They are also issuing new gloves which are actually extremely awesome. Note the Mizzou team slogan “Beast Mode” in the wrist straps.


Mizzou Combat Gloves

Overall, the new Combat Unis are bad-ass with one major exception: Missouri. Why the hell would Nike design a uniform that doesn’t include the dominant color of the school? The helmets are also new and hopefully they threw in some gold on the “M” but how can we really know until the team comes out on the field vs Kansas at Arrowhead on the 28th? They couldn’t be worse than the hideous gold uniforms used last year.

A few of the teams jerseys are just way to plain with the white on white but keep the basic team colors in mind. Now onto my favorites and least favorites. Damn, I feel like a loser for critiquing what just turn out to be clothes. Whatever.

Best: TCU Horned Frogs


I’ve always liked TCU’s jerseys and these are no exception. They’re absolutely badass (as if I haven’t used that word enough in this post) and are all-around better than the others. Check out the helmet at the official website here.

Battle for the state of Florida uni-style:

Have to give this to UF just because their team colors are overall better. I don’t know why they didn’t incorporate the coloring on the Miami numbers into all of the new Combat Uni’s. It looks a lot better and they could have at least done this for the Mizzou jerseys. The FSU color on the jersey and pants just looks retarded and I’m pretty sure the guy has a boner.

All the rest are pretty in-sync with the regular jerseys apart from the “technology” upgrades. Here are the rest.

[H/T to Rock M Nation and The Seventh Floor]

#14-#1. Anybody that loves Florida is going to hate me.

September 4, 2009

And before Oregon takes on Boise State on the Smurf Turf tonight, here is the rest of my top teams in the nation. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

#14 California Golden Bears


Jahvid Best will contend for the Heisman… in the preseason but I expect Bradford, McCoy, and TeBoy to absolutely run away with it eventually. With such a weak conference, the Golden Bears should be able to either win the Pac-10 or let USC run all over them and beat them with the tiebreaker.

#13 Oregon Duck-billed Platypi

What could stop Oregon from winning the Pac-10 in 2009? Let’s see… they have to play USC and USC only loses to teams that come out of no where. I still don’t think they’re quarterback situation is solved and expect them to lose tonight against the Boise State Broncos. Two losses and Oregon heads to a second tier bowl, unless they somehow find their way into the Sugar Bowl or Fiesta Bowl.

#12 Penn State Nittany Lions and #11 Ohio State Buckeyes

What a load of bullpoo that so many analysts think the Big 10 sucks yet still put the Nittany Lions and the Buckeyes so high. If either of these teams want to prove their worth, let’s make sure they have to work their way up like Boise State did when they went undefeated and beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. The Big 10 sucks and you know it.

#10 USC Trojans


Once again, if the Trojans want to make it into the National Championship they need to work for it instead of losing random trap games (almost every team they play this year will be a trap game). Most likely, the Trojans will be hosting their own bowl this year and it’s going to be of the BCS type. A damn shame.

#9 TCU Horned Frogs

Name the only team the Horned Frogs lost to last year…



Yeah, Oklahoma. TCU has THE BEST defense in the country. They ranked #2 last year, but only because they played some of the most efficient offenses in the league. Oklahoma, BYU, Utah, and Boise State. Yeah, this team is good and will likely crash the BCS party.

#8 Boise State


I was high on this team last year, as they could have gone undefeated if it weren’t for that pesky TCU defense. Kellen Moore is an elite quarterback that does not get the respect he deserves. Oh, and he’s only a sophomore.
Jeremy Avery is one of the fastest running backs in the nation and averaged 14.2 yards per carry and a total of 639 yards. That’s crazy good. That’s Chris Johnson at ECU good. The defense is stronger than most of those in the Big 12 and their offense can certainly compare with those that are most efficient in the nation. The Broncos are the most likely non-BCS conference team that should find their way back into the Fiesta Bowl… or the National Championship if two of the Big 3 falter.

#7 Virginia Tech Hokies

Oh how high I was on what the Hokies were smoking. Best special teams unit in the country, top defense, weak conference, Tyrod Taylor and Derran Evans… oh, Evans is out for the season. That hurts the Hokies, but they will still have an excellent shot at crashing the National Championship (yeah, everyone has the potential of crashing it this year because the Big 3 are in A League of their Own. Without Rosie O’Donnell.

#6 Oklahoma State Cowboys

Oklahoma St Nebraska Football

I’d compare the Cowboys in 2009 to the Missouri Tigers in 2008. So much potential in the form of a strong receiver/kick returner and a quarterback that is ushering in a new era of elite football. The biggest problem is that they face such a tough schedule in the Big 12 South and will probably get forced out of the BCS and into the Cotton Bowl.

#5 LSU Tigers and Alabama

Yeah, it technically makes this a top 26 list, but what the hell. It’s my list and I can do what I want. The SEC has such a stranglehold on college football. Top to bottom they have the best teams and LSU and Alabama are among the elites as long as Nick Saban and Les Miles are involved. But…

#4 Ole Miss Rebels

Mississippi LSU Football

… the Rebels are going to kick some ass. I like the all-around dominance that Ole Miss can dish out while still be the underdog. This team is scary good and Jevan Snead is going to rock the competition along with the strong secondary that will be picking off passes like it’s there jobs… well, they probably do get paid. This is college football after all.

#3 Oklahoma Sooners

If they lose on Saturday because of the loss of Gresham for the first game against BYU, it will be their downfall. Bradford is going to be better this year, scary better but he still won’t win the Heisman. It’s a foregone conclusion that two of the Big 3 will be in the National Championship and it all relies on who wins the Red River Shootout. Unfortunately, I think McCoy is still going to be pissed off about last season.

#2 Florida Gators


There was an uproar about two voters not ranking the Gators number one in the AP preseason poll. That’s ridiculous. The loss of Percy Harvin is going to take out a lot of punch to what the Gators can do on offense. They return nearly all of their starting 22 but raw talent doesn’t always convert into wins. They lost to Ole Miss last year and will likely fall in a trap game and it could come at anytime.

#1 Texas Longhorns


Best team in the nation. McCoy is going to rock his way through the schedule and this team cannot be stopped. If the offense plays like they did last year, Will Muschamp will lead the Longhorns defense to the National Championship. Absolutely believe the Longhorns are going to push their way to #1 in the AP and coaches poll before showing the Sooners and Gators why they’re BOSS.

Sorry about the delay in posting full previews for each team but this blog will basically turn into the temple of college football. Daily posts. Yessir.