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Ryan Potter: Man amongst boys in highlight reel game

January 10, 2013

Ryan Potter should be the most sought after recruit in all of college football, right? I mean, has someone forwarded this highlight reel to Nick Saban yet? I’m sure he would offer Potter a four-year scholarship. And Emporer Saban never does that.

His hype game on touch-backs is unreal. Look how jacked up he gets when the play is whistled dead. Look at how much effort he puts into running into other players, only to fall down, and get back up again. The song for this video is great and all, but wouldn’t Chumbawamba be better suited for this?

This kid right here is a maximum effort player every coach should be calling and visiting immediately. Once in a lifetime talent for sure.


Matt Ziesel runs for a “touchdown.”

September 18, 2009

Matt Ziesel is a running back on Benton High School’s football team that was able to run 68 glorious yards to the endzone. Now the feel good part: he’s got Downs Syndrome. Ziesel’s coach asked the opposing teams coach to let him run for the touchdown to make the score 46-6.

Am I the only person not cool with this? Just letting him run into the end zone? Back in my day, I never got a touchdown for my defeated West Potomac Wolverines. I did EARN the only first down of my career with excellent play that stemmed from hard work in practice.

When that gigantic defensive end came barreling down on me as I punted the ball, knocking me to the ground and EARNING that 15-yard roughing the kicker penalty… well, I did that for the team. And I earned it.