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“The Situation” gets rejected on SportsNation. “Stop little man.”

January 8, 2010

Jersey Shore has to be one of the funnier shows out there. It’s a bunch of guidos being self-deprecating without even knowing it and one of the highlights has to be Mike “The Situation.” These guidos in their own environment is funny because of how ridiculous these people are and how they act, but when it comes to doing their thing in a different venue like Conan, Funny or Die videos and now SportsNation, they definitely know how to make me laugh. See the videos below.

Best part: Marcellus Wiley at the end of the second video. Priceless.

[via Sports Crackle Pop]

I’m so glad I’m able to blog about Jersey Shore here at The Nine Commandments. Tell me what you think in the comments section.