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NASCAR, Formula 1, Le Mans pit stop disasters

January 14, 2013

Some people watch auto racing for the insane speeds, amazing handling, and world clash drivers. Others watch it for the crashes.

And then there are the people who watch it for the pit stops. I can’t say I’ve ever met any of these people, but pit stops are an integral part of auto racing and prove to be very exciting. Sometimes those pit stops can turn into disasters as evidenced in the video above.


Carl Edwards got f*@%#&d up!

April 27, 2009

I’m assuming all my readers are exactly like me and watch any type of Nascar coverage they show on TV and can’t wait for Sundays to watch the actual races. Actually, I should assume all my readers can decipher sarcasm in my posts. Anyways, Nascar rolled into Talladega this past week and it all culminated with a crazy crash on the last lap of the race as Carl Edwards car got absolutely DESTROYED after getting a bump from the eventual winner Brad Keselowski (who’s name I can spell because of the luxury of copy+paste). Keselowski was not at fault for the wreck because Edwards had gone below the one of the white lines (sorry, I don’t know Nascar rules), and actually pointed that out at least five times in the post-race interview. I just wish something like this could happen every week, because I would definitely start watching Nascar consistently.

Talladega is known for it’s crashes and Edwards slam into the fence wasn’t the only big crash of the day. Check this out: