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DC Sports hit a crossroad.

January 8, 2010

2008 was the year of change on the Hill.

2010 is the year of change for DC sports.

DC sports have it a crossroad. In the past decade, teams in the District, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) have won only won title and that was Gary Williams and the Terrapins in 2002. Other than that, DC sports have been nothing short of futile.

Growing up in the DMV, I understand the frustration that arises from being a DC area sports fan. First there was optimism when Snyder bought the team and started trying to completely rebuild the franchise. Then Michael Jordan came and everyone was in awe of arguably the greatest player to ever grace Dr. Naismith’s court. Leonisis’ front office drafted what was supposed to be the greatest player since Gretsky. Oh, and DC United won a championship (which apparently no one cares about) and drafted the 16 year-old phenom named Freddy Adu.

Now, things are different. Mike Shanahan was introduced as head coach of the Redskins, weeks after salary cap genius Bruce Allen was brought in. Alex Ovechkin was granted the captains badge on his sweater for a team that has shown brilliance in the past few years. Abe Pollin is gone and while the Wizards looks promising, Gilbert Arenas has taken all the headlines with his upcoming gun possession charges. Oh, and if you care, Curt Onalfo was named head coach of DC United. But again, I’m guessing you don’t care.

So where do we go from here? No doubt Shanahan is expected to win a Super Bowl and bring back the glory to the Redskins. Will it happen? Possibly.

The Capitals are looking like a team that is poised to make a deep playoff run. Will it happen? Possibly.

Abe Pollin is gone, god bless his soul, and the Wizards are in more turmoil than ever. Flip Saunders was brought to town to stablize everything, yet things have fallen apart as they are near the cellar of the Eastern conference and Arenas has threatened the franchise with extreme possibilities of failure for the next decade.

Where do we go from here?

Up. Hopefully.

But will it happen?

Will Snyder be able to take a step back and understand he doe not have to be as hands on?

Will Bruce Boudreau finally have a team worthy of Lord Stanley’s cup?

Will Leonsis be able to reorganize the Wizards after a fiasco as enormous as the Arenas situation?

All of these are interesting story-lines for a city desperate for a championship?

Will they be asnwered? Who knows.

Will Washington fans be happy if they are?

Probably not, but it will be a huge turnaround i any of these franchises find their way out of the professional sports cellar.

Oh, did I not mention the Nationals. Yeah, probably for the best.


The FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign is over.

July 13, 2009


I started the FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign about a month ago not because I didn’t like the guy, but because the Nationals organization needed a shake-up (and we all know Acta and his squad couldn’t properly coordinate a coup against the Lerner family).

Now that Acta has been relieved of his duties, bench coach Jim Riggleman will take over.

Acta’s 26-61 record this season (157-251 in three-and-a-half-years) isn’t something that will highlight his resume when he starts looking for a job. Acta was just in the wrong place and the wrong time (where the wrong time is any time because the Lerners refuse to find a new GM or spend more money), but he will end up getting hired by another team in the majors in the next year or two.

It’s a competitive business to work in and Acta simply got the short straw.

FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign: officially over.

Nationals fans shame Sox fans with a trip to the gay side of the District.

June 25, 2009
And now... we kiss.

And now... we kiss.

Everyone loves bashing the Nationals for failing all season long, on and off the field. Well the Nationals fans struck back at the Red Sox fans that were in town for their three game set with the worst team in the league.

But a bad record doesn’t mean Nats fans can’t be hilarious. I’ll be wearing my curly W hat with pride (as I do everyday) because of these guys on the MLB forums. Enjoy the read:

risoxfan74: Hi Everyone, I’m coming in this week for the Sox series. Are there any decent sportsbars near the ballpark? Thanks again!

PowerBoater69: There’s only a beer garden next to the park, you’re better off up the street on Capitol Hill, Remingtons (639 Pennsylvania Ave SE) is a NE Patriots bar so they’ll probably have a large Red Sox crowd this week.

PowerBoater69: As a bonus this week the Bullpen will be filled with ugly women who can’t dance and have grating accents.

risoxfan74: Thanks so much everyone. Enjoy the games this week!

professorx: I am also coming to the 3 game series for the Sox. I think its great that other cities have bars for Sox/Pats fans. Does the bar you mentioned in Cap. Hill, Remington’s, usually have a good showing of Boston fans? Or is it usually kinda quiet with not that many fans there? Either way I will give it a try since I will be staying in the Cap. Hill area. Thanks for the heads up and good luck to a fun series.

Angelossux: There is a bar on 8th street, on Barracks Row,not far from the stadium,which I think all Boston fans will feel very comfortable in. It’s called Phase 1 and is very nice.

professorx: Hi everyone and thank you all for the helpful tips. i just wanted to let all Red Sox fans and Nationals fans if they want to join us in some pregaming fun at one of the mentioned bars. My hotel is in the Cap. Hill area so I think i will probably start out at the bar called Remington’s and then see how it is and go from there.

PowerBoater69: I walked by Remingtons yesterday and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Red Sox fans in one place other than Fenway.

And then after the game…

professorx: You Nationals fans are pretty funny. I went to Remington’s yesterday only to find out that it is a bar only for guys if you catch my drift. I pounded my drink and got out as fast as I could. On the way out I was fortunate enough to get Adam Dunn’s and Ryan Zimmermans autograph a they were there getting something to eat for the game. lol (last part is obviously false) Good luck in the next two games. oh and by the way Phases bar is no better

Good work boys.

[via FanIQ]

FIRE MANNY ACTA Day 15: The Nationals are proving me wrong. Poop.

June 22, 2009


When I started the FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign, I was pretty sure the end day way near because the team had only won 15 games and a certain Fox Sports reporter/noted dbag and spray-on tan aficionado filed a report saying an “inside source” told him Acta was facing his final days.

Four wins against the NY Yankees and a couple more against the Blue Jays and Acta still calls Anacostia his place of work. Thanks for making me look stupid. Thanks a lot.

Acta still has his job and probably will until at least the all-star break. I think he still will be axed sometime soon. Discussing a possible reason that he didn’t lose his job before this streak: The Lerner family may be trying to pull some “we don’t let our drama play out in the media” by holding off on firing Acta until the dust of Rosenthal’s report has settled. Which is hopefully soon.

FIRE MANNY ACTA! I stand by my original beliefs.

The FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign takes a twist. *Twirls finger in circle*

June 19, 2009


You may have read earlier this week about myself claiming the title of the all-knowing because of a report saying Manny Acta’s days were numbered. Well, it’s been a full week and no one from the Nationals organization has said anything and now people are asking the man that broke the news questions.

Did I mention this is the guy that went after Jerod Morris on Outside The Lines for his post on Midwest Sports Fans about Raul Ibanez? Yeah, same guy, Ken Rosenthal. The Nationals have had a good run of thing in the past week, winning three games (including two against the Yankees. Yeah, it’s only been a few days and all Rosenthal said is “Manny Acta’s tie as manager of the Washington Nationals is just about over.” So what’s that supposed to mean? A few days? A few weeks? The all-star break? The end of the season?

Where’s your accountablility Mr. Rosenthal? Who exactly is your source for the information that the Nationals management are ready to throw away Acta like a used condom?

In an interview with Comcast Sports Net, Rosenthal is not backing down from his report. From DC Sports Bog:

“If my story was wrong, then the Nationals should simply say Manny Acta is our manager for the rest of our season,” Rosenthal told Thaler. “If what I wrote was indeed something that had no basis, as Mike Rizzo suggested, well, make him your manager for the rest of the year. If the story is right, however, and of course I believe it was, then the Nationals should fire him today, tomorrow, whenever. Just leaving him dangling like this is not fair to Manny, not fair really to the team itself. So what I’m saying is, one way or the other, they need to make a decision.”

Why should the Nationals respond to a report with anonymous sources? I’m guessing Rosenthal could write about any struggling manager or coach and say their time is almost up and get away with it. You need accountability Mr Rosenthal, especially if you plan on trashing bloggers for their lack of it.

(The Nine Commandment still believes in a regime change for the Nationals nonetheless)

The end day is near. AND I TOTALLY CALLED IT.

June 15, 2009


I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but since I started my FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign, more and more people have been calling for the Nats’ head honchos head. Now, as Fox Sports originally reported, “inside sources” (which truly sounds dirty) are saying Manny Acta won’t be with the organization for much longer.

The door will be shown and bench coach Jim Riggleman will most likely take over for an interim period. Riggleman has managed the Cubs, Padres, and Mariners.

We here at The Nine Commandments are excited for a change, but we also recognize a 16-43 team will not turn their season around automatically. It will take time as long as more changes come on and off the field.

The next step the team needs to take is finding a GM. I find it pathetic that the team hasn’t found a suitable replacement since Jim Bowden resigned early in the season. GET THIS DONE TEAM NATIONALS! GET IT DONE SOON!

Danielle Lloyd brings you Thursday’s links.

June 11, 2009

Danielle Lloyd 9

Welcome to the Thursday link dump brought to you by the beautiful Danielle Lloyd. Check out all the links as well as Ms. Lloyd’s own personal gallery at the bottom.

Dan Marino is selling his palatial Mansion in Weston, Florida for a cool $13.5 million. Too bad no one wants to buy it. [The Big Lead]

Reaction on the Outside The Lines piece from Jerod Morris, the blogger that called out Raul Ibanez for POSSIBLY using steroids. [Midwest Sports Fans]

Tony Romo’s Facebook page. Super Classico! [Hogs Haven]

Full guide to the best Tweeters the Nations Capital has to offer. @LinsdayCzarniak is a must, even though she barely tweets. [Mister Irrelevant]

There is no way the Nationals are doing this on accident. All these FAILworthy happenings are going to turn out to be a publicity stunt. You heard it here first [DC Sports Bog]

Urban Meyer says his Gators are a good group of kids. So that’s why they’ve been involved in 24 arrests since 2005. I can’t wait till Tebow gets busted with crack. [ESPN]

AW FAWK Scorcese and DiCaprio doin’ anover movie wit Bawston accents. [Film Drunk]

Stan Van Gundy’s face is falling off. [College Humor]

MLB Draft: Nats cash in on the Stephen Strasburg sweepstakes.

June 10, 2009

There was no doubt in anyones mind that the Washington Nationals would choose Super Stud Stephen Strasburg with the first pick in this years draft. The guy already throws in the triple digits and performed extraordinarily for Team USA. A lot of analysts have been calling him either the best prospect in the last 20 years or possibly the best prospect ever.

And as much as I hate Sidney Crosby, a comparison to the NHL star when he too was a prospect is undeniable. Crosby was seen as the next Gretsky and now Strasburg is seen as the next Josh Beckett (my own comparison). The Nationals pitching rotation has been absolutely horrendous this season (along with everything else) and the addition of Strasburg along with 10th overall pick Drew Storen will undoubtedly help the worst team in the majors.

It must be said that there is the possibility of Strasburg becoming the largest draft bust in history, but I honestly don’t think that’s going to happen.

The next big hurdle the Nationals will face is dealing with Strasburgs’ agent Scott Boras. If you hadn’t heard already, Boras is going to be asking the Nats for a $50 million contract for his client. Boras won’t get a contract that large but I he will get somewhere in the range of $40-$45. Yeah, that number didn’t come down all that much. A holdout is possible, but the Lerners will most likely settle closer to the number Boras wants than what they think they should pay him.

Strasburg is at or very close to playing at the major league level right off the back, which probably makes a lot of my fellow Nationals fans get sticky in their pants.

Check out the rest of the first round below. I honestly don’t know much about the other prospects so I’m not going to pretend I know more than I do.

1. Washington Nationals — Stephen Strasburg, RHP, San Diego State
2. Seattle Mariners — Dustin Ackley, OF, Univ. of North Carolina
3. San Diego Padres — Donovan Tate, OF, Cartersville (Ga.) HS
4. Pittsburgh Pirates — Tony Sanchez, C, Boston College
5. Baltimore Orioles — Matt Hobgood, RHP, Norco (Calif.) HS
6. San Francisco Giants — Zack Wheeler, RHP, East Paulding HS, Dallas, Ga.
7. Atlanta Braves — Mike Minor, LHP, Vanderbilt
8. Cincinnati Reds — Mike Leake, RHP, Arizona State
9. Detroit Tigers — Jacob Turner, RHP, Westminster Christian Academy, St. Louis, Mo.
10. Washington Nationals — Drew Storen, RHP, Stanford
11. Colorado Rockies — Tyler Matzek, LHP, Capistrano Valley HS, Mission Viejo, Calif.
12. Kansas City Royals — Aaron Crow, RHP, Fort Worth Cats
13. Oakland Athletics — Grant Green, SS, University of Southern California
14. Texas Rangers — Matt Purke, LHP, Klein HS, Spring, Texas
15. Cleveland Indians — Alex White, RHP, Univ. of North Carolina
16. Arizona Diamondbacks — Bobby Borchering, 3B, Bishop Verot School, Fort Myers, Fla.
17. Arizona Diamondbacks — A.J. Pollock, CF, Notre Dame
18. Florida Marlins — Chad James, LHP, Yukon (Okla.) HS
19. St. Louis Cardinals — Shelby Miller, RHP, Brownwood (Texas) HS
20. Toronto Blue Jays — Chad Jenkins, RHP, Kennesaw State University
21. Houston Astros — Jiovanni Mier, SS, Bonita HS, La Verne, Calif.
22. Minnesota Twins — Kyle Gibson, RHP, Univ. of Missouri
23. Chicago White Sox — Jared Mitchell, OF, LSU
24. Los Angeles Angels — Randal Grichuk, LF, Lamar Consolidated HS, Rosenberg, Texas
25. Los Angeles Angels — Mike Trout, CF, Millville (N.J.) HS
26. Milwaukee Brewers — Eric Arnett, RHP, Indiana Univ.
27. Seattle Mariners — Nick Franklin, SS, Lake Brantley HS, Altamonte Springs, Fla.
28. Boston Red Sox — Reymond Fuentes, CF, Fernando Callejo HS, Manati, P.R.
29. New York Yankees — Slade Heathcott, CF, Texas HS, Texarkana, Texas
30. Tampa Bay Rays — Levon Washington, OF, Buchholz HS, Gainesville, Fla.
31. Chicago Cubs — Brett Jackson, OF, Univ. of California
32. Colorado Rockies — Tim Wheeler, OF, Sacramento State

And as usual, FIRE MANNY ACTA NOW!


June 9, 2009


Sorry about the lack of updates today. It seems all the internet has dried up. Time to head out Californee way.


June 8, 2009


Everyone’s heard of the wild and ridiculous ways the Washington Nationals have risen to great heights by sinking themselves with epic fails, but one of the things that has not gotten enough attention is that the team has continued to keep on a manager who has recorded a win percentage of just .338 in his almost two-and-a-half seasons. Manny Acta is a likeable guy, but there has to be a point where the team has to cut their losses and look for a change.

Therefore, I am starting a FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign until the guy is gone. With such a crappy win percentage you wouldn’t think I would need to say anything else, but I’m going to do it anyway. Stats come courtesy of DC Sports Bog.

-In order for the Nationals to avoid losing 100 games this season they would need to post a 48-59 record for the rest of the season. This isn’t going to happen considering they currently stand at 15-40.

-The Nationals boast a winning percentage of .273. Every other team in the majors boast a winning percentage of at least .421.


I’m a dedicated fan to all DC sports and we’ve had our fair share of bad seasons, but what the Lerners have done to a franchise that the city has begged for since the Federals left town is despicable. I’m currently one step away from encouraging a coup of the former management, but as far as controllable things go, Manny Acta needs to be fired. Let’s get this done.